Address: Post Office Box 640853 · Kenner, Louisiana 70064 · 504.920.5696

A few words about us

A family owned and operated business, Chase and Conner's Hall of Flame Foods, LLC is a New Orleans based company that provides catering and other food industry related services. Founded by Benjamin Hall, Chase and Conner's Hall of Flame Foods, LLC proudly operates Benz Catering™. Benz Catering™ provides services in multiple cities such as New Orleans, Louisiana, Baton rouge, Louisiana, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Remarkable things happen when people settle down around a plate - - - marriages happen, comradery happens, and even love happens.

Benjamin Hall

With over 37 years of food service experience, Benz Catering™ is able to create exciting and customized catering experiences to appropriately reflect the intent of your event. So whether you need bar-b-que chicken for a family reunion, a seafood buffet for a school fundraiser, or an elegant dining experience for a wedding, Benz Catering™ has what you need.

Benjamin Hall

CEO / Founder

Founder and CEO of Benz Catering™, Mr. Hall has prior experience with running the day to day operations of various franchises.









Susie Day


Mrs. Day is the Vice-President of Benz Catering™.

Ben Hall, Founder


Jamyra L. Hall


Mrs. Hall is the President of Benz Catering™.